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AMS REALTIME stores data in the world’s leading database for enterprise information management, including Oracle. AMS REALTIME also uses the Oracle OCI and ODBC to provide integration with any system. AMS REALTIME also integrates with Oracle Projects to provide an Enterprise ERP systems with project schedules and time-phased cost information, actual hours expended and earned value data.


AMS REALTIME is integrated with Microsoft Project and can optionally store information in Microsoft SQL Server. AMS REALTIME runs on current versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 7, XP, NT, 10, and a wide range of other desktop and server platforms.

Sun Microsystems

AMS REALTIME runs on Sun workstations and servers under SunOS and Solaris.


AMS REALTIME has earned the IBM Netfinity ServerProven certification. The IBM Netfinity ServerProven Program is a commitment by IBM to help customers identify pre-tested business solutions. The program offers optimizes solutions for customers' specific applications configurations, reduced integration risks for a complete solution and smoother, more reliable implementations. Customers can depend on Netfinity servers as a cost-effective, affordably priced foundation for businesses.

VA Linux Systems

AMS REALTIME is a member of the VA Linux Solutions Partner Program. VA Linux Systems is the world's most expert provider of Linux and Open Source solutions for the Web.

Hewlett Packard

AMS REALTIME runs on HP-UX workstations and servers.


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