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Client: Digital Steps Ltd
Project: Integrating time recording and project management and resource management


Digital Steps are a revolutionary software and systems integration company, specializing in the creation of business value. Their Business Breakthrough Workshops focus on identifying and unlocking the potential that businesses possess, and their bespoke development services and range of J2EE-based products help to realize that potential.

They have in-depth knowledge of a range of IBM software products, which they sell and for which they provide support. In addition, Digital Steps offers some of its products in a managed service configuration at a secure location with full backup facilities.

AMS Solution

Digital Steps Ltd (DSL) completed a 6 week pilot on June 18th and promptly bought the AMS REALTIME Solution to; manage all internal and external projects (using Microsoft Project and the AMS REALTIME MSP Link), control billing (via AMS REALTIME Solo/Web-Solo) and manage their staff (via AMS REALTIME Resources).

"We decided to purchase the AMS REALTIME Solution because we needed an effective and reliable means of recording the hours spent on project work to drive our billing process, we wanted to gain more control of our resources and their workloads, and we needed a simple, effective, and less labour-intensive way of keeping our project plans up-to-date." Esther Hayes, Digital Steps Commercial Director.

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