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Client: Allseas Group SA
Project: Project management for the 21st Century


Allseas Group SA is one of the major offshore pipe lay and sub-sea construction companies in the world. They provide services to the oil and gas industries around the world and offer design, engineering, procurement and construction services.

Founded in 1985, they have gained world-wide experience in all types of offshore and sub-sea construction projects. Allseasí approach is to support clients already in the conceptual design stage and offer its services for project management, from engineering and procurement up to and including installation and commissioning.

AMS Solution

The AMS REALTIME Solution has been implemented because Allseas felt that their current solution was out of date and that the required level of support would not continue to be provided in the future. The current solution was also text based and did not function in real-time.

This is where the real benefits will be realised as they are replacing a non-graphical planning tool with a fully featured, graphical, real-time project and resource management tool. AMS REALTIME Projects provides Allseas with ability to explore projects in more detail, be quicker with project delivery and save time.

AMS consultants ran workshops at Allseas offices to establish processes, data needs and requirements relating to Allseas needs in the following areas:

  • Project planning
  • Resource management
  • Time-writing

These results were pulled together into a comprehensive Requirements Analysis document. This document was subsequently signed off by Allseas. A phased implementation plan was agreed and the first phase related to their planning needs. AMS REALTIME Projects was implemented and extended using our embedded event-driven scripting language.

Allseas has now successfully implemented the full AMS REALTIME product suite for project planning, resource management, and time recording.

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