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Client: Telindus
Project: Timesheet solution


One of the leading European network integrators and solution provider of data and telecommunications networks, Telindus has extensive expertise in all areas of modern telecommunications applications and technologies including LAN, MAN, WAN, Internet, E-business, network access and security, VOIP, VPN, fixed and mobile communication. Telindus has a broad portfolio of customers and can offer both regional and pan European references in virtually every industry sector.

The Telindus Group provides Expert Services, including Managed Services and also installs, secures, manages, audits and maintains a variety of fixed and mobile networks using local area network LAN, wide area network WAN, Internet and Intranet technologies.

The group also manufactures high-performance modems and other network access products “We believe in offering flexibility and choice to our customers at every level of the network infrastructure life cycle and the services we offer reflect this belief. Whatever your business needs, Telindus has a solution.”

Founded in 1969, the Telindus Group currently employs over 2,400 people across 60 establishments spanning 17 countries in addition to an extensive network of global agents across all continents.

AMS Solution

At the UK Headquarters, based in Odiham, Hampshire, the company employs in excess of one hundered individuals and currently uses AMS REALTIME Solo timesheets, with the objective of implementing the full AMS REALTIME Solution in the near future.

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