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Client: Siemens Business Communication Systems
Project: Siemens Uses AMS for Strategic Project Management


Siemens Business Communication Systems (SBCS) based in Santa Clara, California is a leading provider of business solutions for private telecommunications customers. Founded as ROLM Corporation in 1969, the company marketed the industry's first digital private branch exchange system in 1975. SBCS, a wholly owned US subsidiary of Siemens AG, is part of the Siemens Private Networks (PN) business division which is a major global developer and supplier of private branch exchange (PBX) telephony systems and associated applications.

World wide sales for Siemens AG exceeded 100 billion DM last year. The PN group had about 11 billion DM in sales and of this about 1.4 billion DM (~1 billion US$) was from SBCS.

In the US, SBCS employs some 6,500 people spread amongst five major sites. In addition there are several regional area sales/service centers throughout the country. Of these, around 1100 are employees involved in product development at the Santa Clara, Boca Raton, Austin and Dallas sites.

AMS Solution

Siemens use AMS REALTIME Resources every day to plan work and track effort. AMS REALTIME resource management data is integrated with payroll to give a complete picture of resource utilization and expenditure across the business.

Siemens Business Communication Systems has adopted a process-oriented approach to improve the speed, efficiency and relevance of their product development. To measure where effort was spent on different projects and products, and to identify where processes could be more efficient, AMS REALTIME Resources from Advanced Management Solutions was implemented across their product development organization.

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