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Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) launches version 5.7 of the AMS REALTIME Solution

Redland, CA & Reading, UK -  April 2003 - Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) are pleased to announce the formal release of version 5.7 of the AMS REALTIME Solution. The AMS REALTIME Solution is an integrated resource management, project management, cost management, time recording system. It provides multi-platform clients, web access and a powerful application-database server and is available on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh platforms and in multiple languages.

Organizations use the AMS REALTIME Solution to ensure effective project delivery while optimizing the use of labor, funds and other resources. This latest version of our powerful, flexible and easy-to-use integrated resource management, project planning and scheduling, cost management and time recording suite sees improvements in the areas of:

  • Reporting and Printing
  • Critical Path Engine
  • Multi-Project (including Rollup)
  • Calculated Fields
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Management
  • Time Recording entry
  • Time Recording approval
  • Time recording correction
  • Citrix support
  • ODBC support
  • AMS Object Store (AOS)
  • Integration with other applications
  • Application Programming Interface

The AMS REALTIME Solution is recognised as a market leader in the area of integrated resource management, project management and time recording.  Each aspect of the solution can however be implemented without the others to provide solutions focused on resolving specific organisational issues.

Project & Cost Management
AMS REALTIME Projects is a powerful, easy-to-use, integrated schedule and cost management solution with sophisticated multi-project features, cost management facilities and incorporating high-quality reporting.

The cost management features of AMS REALTIME Projects are second to none and include the ability to define sophisticated cost models based on elements-of-cost and Earned Value Analysis.

If Microsoft Project© is your project management tool of choice, then this too can be integrated with AMS REALTIME Resources (resource management) and AMS REALTIME Solo/Web-Solo (time recording) via the AMS Microsoft Project  Link©.

AMS REALTIME Projects can load and save its projects directly from an Oracle database via the AMS Object Store (AOS), a fully secure project repository with centralised administration and access control facilities.

Resource Management
Using AMS REALTIME Resources you can; satisfy skill requests made by project managers using AMS REALTIME Projects or Microsoft Project, resolve staff overloads, analyse the data held in our powerful database repository (AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server), and carry out systems administration tasks.

Flexible reporting, slicing-and-dicing and analysis capabilities are available to the user.  These facilities are made even more relevant to the organisation because the underlying data model can be enhanced to include user defined tables and fields based on the organisation’s specific information needs.

Time Recording
Team members, having been assigned to project tasks, can; view what they have been assigned to or a list of non-project tasks, record the amount of effort expended, optionally update the remaining work (estimate-to-complete), and record notes and expenses against time entries.  This is achieved using AMS REALTIME Solo. Project managers can use this information to update progress in their project plans so that the plans are dynamic and resource managers have up to date information upon which to base their resourcing decisions.

Time recording can take place using the client software or over the web using AMS REALTIME Web Solo.

Server Based Repository
The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server sits at the heart of the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution and contains all the data needed to support resource management decision and time recording.

The server can be set up to automatically synchronise with another database to capitalise on skills which probably already exist within your organisation.

About Advanced Management Solutions
Advanced Management Solutions provides innovative Project and Resource Management software together with implementation services enabling organisations to effectively plan and control their work, time and resources in real-time.  AMS REALTIME products are widely recognised for providing a powerful combination of functionality, flexibility, usability and high-performance.  Designed for enterprise-wide implementation, the software can support hundreds or thousands of users without sacrificing performance. 

The AMS REALTIME products are ODBC compliant and are cross-platform compatible across Linux, UNIX, Microsoft® Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP, Apple Macintosh®, and the web.  The AMS REALTIME products also integrate with Microsoft Project, providing a single repository of all project data across the enterprise.

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