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Advanced Management Solutions announces version 7.0 of AMS REALTIME Enteprise software for portfolio, project and resource management.

New release addresses improved project integration capabilities, program and portfolio management, track change capability, seamless integration of Microsoft Project files with the Enterprise, and improved data translation capabilities between AMS REALTIME Projects and Microsoft Project via the Enterprise database.

REDLANDS, CA (March 31, 2008) - Advanced Management Solutions (AMS), a market leader for enterprise solutions for project and resource management, has announced the release of AMS REALTIME Version 7.0.

AMS REALTIME is used by organizations to make the most effective use of their resources across a mix of projects and operational work, and to manage the critical path of multiple projects as they are executed. It is the most flexible and extendable enteprise project and resource management application on the markey today, which allows users to customize their software solution to match their business processes.

Major enhancements in AMS REALTIME Version 7.0 include: improved portfolio rollup, sorting and project selection capabilities, the ability to rollup detailed data through alternate independent structures, enhanced network analysis tools, and a highly visual track changes mode where an updated copy of a project can be merged to see exactly what has changed. The Microsoft Project file translation is even better, with more standard database fields that support functionality such as deadlines.

Database migration from version 6.0 is automatic, with new standard fields automatically added to the database when the 7.0 software first opens the database. Users migrating from older datbase versions should contact technical support for assistance.

The current release of Python, version 2.5.2, is now supported in AMS REALTIME version 7.0, but Python 2.2.3 is also supported, so upgrading Python is not required. Multiple Python versions can be concurrently installed. Our fully documented Python API provides extension and customization capability to control the behavior of the software, provide email notification, automate repetitive processes, enforce business rules and provide workflow management, and to integrate data with external data systems.

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