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Advanced Management Solutions announces the release AMS REALTIME Version 8.0.4 for all Software Products

REDLANDS, CA (November 2012) - Advanced Management Solutions (AMS), a market leader for enterprise solutions for project and resource management, has released the version 8.0.4 service pack update for users with a current support agreement.

This service pack release provides several new database attributes that provide enhanced capability, including additional baseline storage fields and mapping, better revision capability, and automatic date/time stamps for commit and status operatins. This service pack is recommended for all version 8.0+ users for enhanced stability. For full details, please read the release notes and download updated User Guides for your licensed products.

All AMS Service Pack updates are fully inclusive; there is no need to go back and apply old updates in order to bring your supported software up to the current release, provided that your current software is at version 7.0 or higher. For an upgrade path from older versions, please contact technical support.

AMS REALTIME is used by organizations to make the most effective use of their resources across a mix of integrated projects and operational work, and to manage many interelated projects as they progress to completion. It is the most flexible and extendable enterprise project and resource management application on the market today, with seamless integration capability with external systems, including Microsoft Project.

Many AMS REALTIME Projects customers are taking advantage of the new standalone database applications: AMS REALTIME Desktop and AMS REALTIME Workgroup, in conjunction with the Enterprise add-in menu for Microsoft Project to enable seamless project data conversion to and from .MPP files. AMS REALTIME Workgroup provides the best conversion capability for integrated master schedules with externally linked tasks.

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