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Advanced Management Solutions announces the release AMS REALTIME Version 8.0 for all Software Products

REDLANDS, CA (April 2012) - Advanced Management Solutions (AMS), a market leader for enterprise solutions for project and resource management, has announced the release of AMS REALTIME Version 8.0. AMS REALTIME has a great set of powerful tools that can be used for schedule, network, and cost analysis, resource management, graphic reporting, and more. Now it also has shared collaboration capability, so that users can work together on a project even if they aren't at the same location.

AMS REALTIME PurView is a new thin-client remote application that can be used to collaborate in a shared work session, or just to start a client session when you're away from your desk. Vision, the popular graphic reporting tool, has been further enhanced to allow more graphic file import types. Many object properties have been enhanced to give even more control over report outputs. The Microsoft Project Enterprise add-in menu has been enhanced to share working calendars and resources from the Enterprise Server database. All user documentation has been updated to reflect new functionality and features.

New Standalone Products

A new set of standalone applications has been released that provides scaled functionality to users with less complex requirements. All project data is stored in a database that is included with the software. And as your software needs evolve and your requirements expand, you can upgrade to the next level of standalone product without losing any of your existing data, all the way up to a multi-user client/server database environment.

AMS REALTIME Schedule starts as low as $49 US for a single-user license. It's a smart, economical solution to get started wth project management and planning software.

AMS REALTIME is used by organizations to make the most effective use of their resources across a mix of integrated projects and operational work, and to manage many interelated projects as they progress to completion. It is the most flexible and extendable enterprise project and resource management application on the market today, with seamless integration capability with external systems, including Microsoft Project.

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