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Enterprise project management experts ally to produce an efficient approach to achieving world-class performance

Customers will benefit from integration of technology, methodology and change management in supporting enterprise adoption of project management.

Stoughton, MA and Redlands, CA - September 8, 2000, Advanced Management Services, Inc. expert providers of management consulting services with core competency in the areas of project management, organization development and continuous improvement, and Advanced Management Solutions, developers of the AMS REALTIME enterprise project and resource management software suite, have announced a strategic alliance. Working together, the two companies will deliver to their clients breakthrough solutions which embrace all aspects of enterprise project management.

AMS REALTIME software and technology will underpin Advanced Management Services, Inc.’s innovative Total Project Management (TPMTM) model in helping organizations transform their business to become more customer focused, more responsive and more profitable.

The Advanced Management Services, Inc. TPMTM product is an enterprise-wide approach to adopting project management processes and systems at all levels in an organization. Benefits to customers of the integrated approach include: accurate measurement of process performance and visibility of work status across the organization, alignment of the project portfolio with strategic initiatives, and more effective use of the organization’s resources resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

The TPMTM model provides a scalable approach to enterprise project management. Smaller implementations may require only that a project management operating standard (PMOS)TM be built to support the solution. In larger applications where the focus is on the whole organization, TPMTM will provide the management infrastructure and organizational guidelines to support AMS REALTIME software.

Joe Alen, President/CEO of CCC, Inc., Danvers, MA, comments on the alliance, "Advanced Management Services, Inc. has been a dedicated partner to our organization for four years. Their expertise in the areas of project-based organizational structures has helped us to accomplish many strategic goals. The newly announced partnership with Advanced Management Solutions represents the final component of their Total Project Management (TPMTM) concept. As I understand it, this joint venture will allow both organizations to promote complementary services around an enterprise-wide solution to project management issues. Knowing Advanced Management Services, Inc. and their ability to provide forward-thinking solutions to business problems, I would anticipate this partnership will launch them toward setting the standard as the industry’s first fully integrated project management solution. The competence of Advanced Management Services, Inc.’s consulting staff in conjunction with the assets that Advanced Management Solutions brings should create a powerful team".

About Advanced Management Services, Inc.
Advanced Management Services Inc is a full service management consulting firm representing an international client base. Specializing in consulting and training in the areas of project management, organization development and continuous improvement, they assist clients around the world with challenges related to project management initiatives. Their new product TPMTM is an enterprise-wide approach to developing a vertically aligned project management system. When the TPMTM model is set in motion along with best practice standards such as communication protocols, organizational and competency assessments, portfolio analysis, project methodology development, project planning, application-based work management systems such as AMS REALTIME, as well as coaching/mentoring and training it will produce an efficient approach to achieving world-class project management attributes. More information about Advanced Management Services, Inc. is available via the World Wide Web at or for details specifically on Total Project Management (TPMTM), visit Alternatively, call or e-mail Nancy Coleman at 781-344-1103, ext.14;

About Advanced Management Solutions
Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) provides innovative project and resource management software together with implementation services that enables organizations to effectively plan and control their work, time and resources in real time. AMS REALTIME products are widely recognized for providing a powerful combination of functionality, flexibility, usability and extremely high performance. Designed for enterprise-wide implementation, the software can support hundreds or even thousands of users without sacrificing performance.

The AMS REALTIME products are ODBC compliant and are cross-platform compatible across Linux, Unix, Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000, Apple Macintosh®, and the web. The AMS REALTIME products also integrate with Microsoft Project, providing a single repository of all project data across the enterprise. More information about Advanced Management Solutions is available via the World Wide Web at

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