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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics chooses AMS REALTIME Enterprise to meet their changing needs for centralized management and analysis of program schedules
AMS Realtime

Advanced Management Solutions, a market leader in solutions for Enterprise Project and Resource Management, has been selected by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to implement the AMS REALTIME Enterprise software solution for aircraft R&D and production.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics began searching for the best COTS software to meet their changing needs in 2007. Their customer was placing more emphasis on program schedules, and they needed an enterprise solution that would meet their contractual requirements, provide improved functionality from legacy systems, and centralize the project data for the purpose of analyzing and reporting program health.

In January 2008, Lockheed Martin selected AMS REALTIME. Implementation of Version 7.0 of the AMS REALTIME software will begin this year with an expected completion in the later part of 2009 to all major Aircraft Programs at Lockheed Martin sites in Fort Worth, Texas; Marietta, Georgia; and Palmdale, California.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company is known for building the finest military aircraft in the world. This recognition was earned through relentless research and development of high-performance aircraft and by continuously seeking innovative and low-cost design and manufacturing strategies. Their products play an important role in the defense of the United States and many other countries, and they help ensure peace and stability around the world. The long list of dependable and highly regarded aircraft they manufacture includes the proven and affordable fighter, the F-16 Fighting Falcon; the versatile airlifter, the C-130J Super Hercules; the first operational stealth fighter, the F-117 Nighthawk; and the next-generation fighter, the F-22 Raptor. The company has also been awarded the contract to build the multiservice, multimission F-35 Lightning II of the future. More information about Lockheed Martin Aeronautics can be obtained on the web at

Advanced Management Solutions, Inc. (AMS) is a privately held California corporation that was established in 1983 as a Project Management Software Development and Marketing Company. AMS has a long history of providing high-performance project management tools, which include MetaPlan, Schedule Publisher, AMS Timekeeper, and now, the AMS REALTIME Enterprise product suite, which includes the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server, AMS REALTIME Enterprise Client, AMS REALTIME Projects, and an add-on Enterprise menu for Microsoft Project® integration. AMS' goal is to provide clients with solutions that really work to meet their specific requirements by providing powerful, but easy-to-use software tools.

The AMS REALTIME Solution is an integrated program, project, resource, cost and earned value management solution with timesheets. It provides exceptional performance and efficiency in managing inter-project network relationships, project performance data, and controlled data access. AMS has the most flexible and extendable open database and system design on the market today that encourages integration with existing systems and support for business process methodologies through user-definable configuration and process controls. Our fully documented APIs are available to support the multi-platform industry standard scripting language, Python. AMS provides the support and implementation services that are necessary to make any enterprise software implementation successful.

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