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Messier-Dowty selects AMS REALTIME for enterprise-wide project management solution

Integrated program and project management solution to be deployed across Europe and North America.

(Herndon, VA) March 6, 2000 - Messier-Dowty, the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of landing gear systems, has selected AMS REALTIME to implement a program and project management solution for its Toronto, Canada facility with an objective of applying it enterprise wide during the next year. AMS REALTIME will support Messier-Dowty's need for a solution to manage their portfolios of projects as well as providing planning and control of project schedules at all levels of detail.

Messier-Dowty employs 2,700 employees at eight sites in Europe, North America and Asia. Messier-Dowty's customers include many of the world's leading commercial and military aircraft manufacturers.

Ken Chandler, Director of Program Management with Messier-Dowty commented on the reasons for choosing AMS REALTIME, "We needed an enterprise-wide tool that would help us manage the differing layers of complexity in our business, from the program level to individual tasks and cost accounts. AMS REALTIME provides an environment which completely supports our organization structure and project management methodology."

AMS REALTIME will be used to manage all project tasks throughout the lifecycle of each contract, from contract award to completion, coordinating the schedules and work between different departments. This includes all program activities and associated major milestones, such as design, development, procurement, manufacturing, test and deployment.

An important factor in the choice of AMS REALTIME was its support for shared resources across multiple projects and non-project work. Ken Chandler commented "To achieve a balance between project objectives and overall efficient use of company resources, we have adopted a highly matrixed organization structure. AMS REALTIME gives us the flexibility to manage individual projects, while also helping us understand our overall resource capacity to take on new work and react to change".

Diane Angell, Chief Executive Officer with Advanced Management Solutions commented "Messier-Dowty recognizes the benefits of an integrated approach to managing all the work in their organization. We are delighted to help Messier-Dowty deploy a solution to manage its project portfolio within a controlled environment, so that they achieve maximum efficiencies and benefit from their business operations".

About Messier Dowty
Messier-Dowty is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of landing gear systems, with 46% in world market share and an annual turnover of US$500 million. Messier-Dowty landing gear are in service on more than 15,000 aircraft making over 20,000 landings every day. The company supplies more than 30 airframe manufacturers and supports over 600 operators of large civil aircraft, regional and business aircraft, military aircraft and helicopters. Messier-Dowty has 2,700 employees in 8 operational sites in France, the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA and Singapore. For more information visit

About Advanced Management Solutions
Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) provides innovative project and resource management software together with implementation services that enables organizations to effectively plan and control their work, time and resources in real time. The AMS REALTIME products are employed by many of the world's leading companies to ensure effective project delivery while optimizing use of resources.

AMS REALTIME products are widely recognized for providing a powerful combination of functionality and flexibility. Designed for enterprise-wide implementation, the software can support hundreds or even thousands of users without sacrificing performance. The AMS REALTIME products run on Oracle and are ODBC compliant. The products are cross-platform compatible across Microsoft Windows 98, NT & 2000, Linux, Apple Macintosh and UNIX, providing a consistent look-and-feel to all users and allowing seamless data interchange. Web-based publishing and timesheets are provided to support users wherever they are around the world. AMS REALTIME also integrates with Microsoft Project and ERP systems, providing a single repository of all project and resource data across the enterprise.

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