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Trusted Systems Laboratories selects AMS REALTIME to manage development of new encryption and security software

Enterprise project management suite running on the Trusted SolarisŌ Operating Environment will support rapid growth of Internet security startup

REDLANDS, CA, SEPTEMBER 19, 2000 - Advanced Management Solutions, a market leader in solutions for enterprise-wide project and resource management, has announced that Trusted Systems Laboratories has selected the AMS REALTIME suite to help manage the development of its high assurance enterprise security products.

Trusted Systems Laboratories, founded in June 2000, provides a range of commercial solutions to address vital security needs in the emerging B2B e-commerce marketplace, including trustworthy Web hosting, application hosting, and network architecture. Their first products are, Trusted Web Server, which provides stronger security than currently offered by other Web servers, and Trusted Gateway, which provides highly secure connectivity over diverse networks.

As a business, Trusted Systems Laboratories faces a number of key challenges. It needs to develop a number of complex products in parallel and deliver them to the market in the fastest time possible. As a start-up, Trusted Systems Laboratories also has limited numbers of staff to work on this mix of projects.

Trusted Systems Laboratories wanted a project management solution that would help manage their portfolio of development projects, while also helping to optimise their use of resources. It was also highly desirable that the solution was able to run on Trusted Systems Laboratories’ strategic choice of operating system, Trusted SolarisŌ from Sun Microsystems. The Trusted Solaris Operating Environment provides proven security that is robust, flexible and completely interoperable with existing customer environments.

All development staff and management within Trusted Systems Laboratories will use AMS REALTIME. Rance DeLong, President and Chief Operating Officer with Trusted Systems Laboratories commented, "AMS REALTIME will be invaluable to give us visibility of the status of all our development projects. We will be able to anticipate and react to changes in our business environment, whether caused by new priorities, additional staffing, project delays, addition of new projects, or changing project scope."

About Trusted Systems Laboratories
Trusted Systems Laboratories’ objective is to be a leader in providing High-Assurance Trusted Security Solutions. Trusted Systems Laboratories has combined security technologies previously reserved for military and government with its high assurance solutions to develop commercial products that address vital security needs in the emerging B2B e-commerce marketplace. In addition to our Trusted Web Server and Trusted Gateway products, Trusted Systems Laboratories has core technology that can be applied to many vertical applications the market will require when looking for high-assurance security solutions. For more information go to

About Advanced Management Solutions
Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) provides innovative project and resource management software together with implementation services that enables organizations to effectively plan and control their work, time and resources in real time. The AMS REALTIME™ products are employed by many of the world’s leading companies to ensure effective project delivery while optimizing use of labor, funds and other resources.

The AMS REALTIME products are ODBC compliant and are cross-platform compatible across Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Linux, Apple Macintosh® and UNIX, providing a consistent look-and-feel to all users and allowing seamless data interchange. Web-based publishing and timesheets are provided to support users wherever they are around the world. The AMS REALTIME products also integrate with Microsoft Project and ERP systems, providing a single repository of all project and resource data across the enterprise. More information about Advanced Management Solutions is available via the World Wide Web at Alternatively, call or e-mail Richard Hayden on 909 793 0111;

Note: AMS REALTIME is a trademark of Advanced Management Solutions Inc. Trusted Systems Laboratories is a trademark of Trusted Systems Laboratories. Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo Solaris and Trusted Solaris are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) in the United States and other countries.

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