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Advanced Management Solutions announces new release of enterprise project and resource management software suite.

New release addresses portfolio management, OLAP reporting, extensive customization and Microsoft Project support to enhance visibility at all levels across the enterprise.

REDLANDS, CA (November 15, 2000) - Advanced Management Solutions (AMS), a market leader for enterprise solutions for project and resource management, has announced the release of AMS REALTIME Version 5.2.

AMS REALTIME is used by organizations to make the most effective use of their resources across a mix of projects and operational work. In particular, AMS REALTIME is used to help companies better manage their product development process, thereby accelerating time to market. Major corporations using AMS REALTIME include Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer and Boeing, and other high technology companies.

Major enhancements in AMS REALTIME Version 5.2 include: New project portfolio summarization and analysis capability

OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) reporting – enhancing reporting across project and operational work by offering drilldown from summary to detail levels to identify areas in need of management attention. Users can analyze the performance and status of projects and resources by organization, geography or other dimension.

Powerful extension and customization capability through the embedding of an object-oriented programming language (Python) and Application Programming Interfaces in the product. This can be used to completely control the behavior of the software, to automate repetitive processes and to enforce business rules. Illustrative examples of the power of this extension and customization capability are provided with the new release and include an integrated risk analysis module (using Monte Carlo simulation), a ‘rules engine’ to define and enforce business rules in entering and reviewing project data, and e-mail alerts to notify users based on triggers or events that require action.
  • Numerous improvements to enhance the user experience and to increase user productivity in the areas of planning, resource management, reporting, timecards and calendars.
  • Integration of Microsoft Project (98 and 2000) with an enterprise application suite.
  • Storage of Microsoft Project plans in the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server.
  • Access for Microsoft Project users to centrally stored resource information to ensure consistent resource names and definitions are used, and resource capacity is visible.
  • Microsoft Project plans can be included on timecards and status information automatically imported back into Microsoft Project.

These enhancements further extend AMS REALTIME strengths as a solution for businesses managing a portfolio of projects as well as ongoing operational work, especially organizations with a matrix structure.

A recent new user of AMS REALTIME is Trusted Systems Laboratories, a developer of internet software for encryption and security. Rance DeLong, President and Chief Operating Officer with Trusted Systems Laboratories commented, “AMS REALTIME will be invaluable to give us visibility of the status of all our development projects. We will be able to anticipate and react to changes in our business environment, whether caused by new priorities, additional staffing, project delays, addition of new projects, or changing project scope.”

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