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Integrated Project Costing and Scheduling

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AMS REALTIME Enterprise and AMS REALTIME Projects both provide fully integrated cost and scheduling features. Cost and schedule integration can be an elusive capability if systems designed for one function are weak when it comes to performing the other. This makes management of both project costs and schedule within a single software solution a powerful reality.

AMS REALTIME is a powerful and easy to use tool for project management, planning, scheduling and full cost management. It not only supports the scheduling needs of individual project managers, but also provides built-in functionality to track all types of project costs throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Project and activity costs can be generated by the cost of resource
    usage over time

  • Rate tables allow for time-phased rate changes to support escalating costs

  • Cost elements can define a cost build-up based on resource types and other cost elements (this feature is not yet present AMS REALTIME Enterprise)

  • Non-labor costs can be loaded from external accounting systems and integrated into the project costs

  • Cost elements can reflect apportioned costs

  • Accounting calendars and fiscal years are supported, along with standard cost-bin options to track historical project costs and performance

  • Default fields for Earned Value calculations include:

BCWS Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled
BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed
ETC Estimate to Complete
BAC Budget at Complete
EAC Estimate at Complete
CV Cost Variance
SV Schedule Variance
CPI Cost Performance Index
SPI Schedule Performance Index

and more…

  • User-defined fields can display any standard cost fields, from specific cost elements, such as Labor, Materials, Contractors, or Travel

  • Options for all standard earned value methods are supported

  • Cost-centers can be defined to track funding sources or colors of money

  • Cost reports can include tabular information and/or a variance plot that shows historical trends over the life of the project

  • Standard reports can be modified to include logos, legends and annotations

  • CSSR and C/SCSC reports (US DOD X12 Specification)

  • Directly integrated with AMS REALTIME Enterprise for resource management and time recording capabilities

  • wInsight Interface

  • Import/Export facilities

For further information click here to download our brochure (248KB PDF).

AMS REALTIME Enterprise - Screen Captures

Costs in AMS REALTIME Enterprise

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AMS REALTIME Projects - Screen Captures

Costs in AMS REALTIME Projects


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AMS REALTIME Projects and AMS REALTIME Enterprise both provide powerful integrated costs facilities, including full earned value calculations.

This captures display report options with earned value curves and cost detail.

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