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The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution provides full support and integration with Microsoft Project®. Together, the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution and Microsoft Project deliver real time visibility and allow you to manage projects and resources across your organization, division or department.

The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution extends and enhances Microsoft Project® by providing:

  • A central repository for project plans and resource
    information shared by all Microsoft Project users

  • Project portfolio and program management capabilities

  • High-level decision support and reporting
    facilities for staff and executives at all levels

  • Integrated timesheets with AMS REALTIME Solo and Web Solo

  • An interface to regularly update the status of activities in
    Microsoft Project plans, making your project plans dynamic

  • Resource management capabilities AMS REALTIME Enterprise

  • Integration with leading third party
    database and ERP systems such as Oracle

For further information click here to download the brochure (148KB PDF)

AMS REALTIME Microsoft Project® Link - Video Captures

AMS REALTIME Solution integrated with Microsoft Project


Download all videos in a zip file (31MB).

Committing a Microsoft Project Plan into the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Database for multi-user accessibility and management

Statusing a Microsoft Project Plan from the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Database back to Microsoft Project

Loading an AMS REALTIME Enterprise Project into a Microsoft Project file


When integrated with the AMS REALTIME Solution, Microsoft Project users gain access to the additional functionality of the solution through the Enterprise Menu. The Commit function allows you to send a project plan from MPS into the AMS REALTIME Enterprise database.

The Status function allows update of a MSP project plan from the AMS REALTIME side that has been updated, with progress, date changes, new or deleted tasks, resource assignments, and more.

The Load function allows you to pull out a copy of a project plan (or a set of integrated projects) to Microsoft Project to meet a deliverable, or share the current plan with someone who only has Microsoft Project.


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