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The AMS REALTIME Solution has been extended with the addition of AMS REALTIME Projects Lite. This is a simpler software package for users that don't need the full capability of AMS REALTIME Projects.

Both versions can be integrated with AMS REALTIME Enterprise and Solo.  The main differences between the versions are summarised below.  A full feature comparison is also available.

project management, scheduling and cost-management
Harness the power of AMS REALTIME Projects and the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server which make up the scalable AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution. With this solution, you can centrally manage resources, share project information, perform modelling and scenario analysis, and standardize reporting processes. An extensible, enterprise-scale architecture gives you the power to integrate AMS REALTIME Projects with other industry-specific systems.

AMS REALTIME Projects Lite
Powerful and Appropriate for Individual Business and Project Managers
AMS REALTIME Projects Lite provides the core tools that project managers, business managers, and planners need to efficiently manage schedules and resources.  AMS REALTIME Projects Lite helps you stay informed, report project information, and more.

All versions
All versions of AMS REALTIME Projects provide the following features: compatible with each other and with the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution, multiple-languages, multi-platform desktop access, print to PDF, sorting and filtering features for activities and resources, access to planned, baseline and actual data, XML open/save, access to user defined fields, and use of multiple calendars (including fiscal).

Product Features | Technical Features | Screen Captures | Brochure

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