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AMS REALTIME Projects | Screen Captures

Multi-Project Summary Displaying Resource Loadings


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Multi-project schedules can display high level resource loadings, shown underneath the Gantt area. Resource overloads, displayed in red, can be removed by simply clicking and dragging the responsible project(s) left or right until there is remaining overloads.


Detailed Project Plan Displaying Resource Conflicts

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A single click on the resource area in the lower part of the screen, provides information about resource utilisation conflicts or overloads. This powerful feature is available on single projects and across multiple projects.

The Librarian feature in AMS REALTIME Projects simplifies the management of project data; wherever it is stored.

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The Librarian feature simplifies the organization and management of project data. It provides direct access to information stored in the Microsoft Project, Oracle databases and any ODBC compliant data source. Multiple data stores can be accessed simultaneously.

Costs in AMS REALTIME Projects


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AMS REALTIME Projects provides powerful integrated costs facilities, including full earned value calculations.

This capture displays a summarized project, overlaid with a cost curve and with detailed cost information below the chart.

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