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  • Microsoft® Windows 7, XP, 2003, 2000, etc.
  • UNIX (Sun Solaris®, HP-UX®, AIX®)
  • Linux (x86)
  • More than one platform can run concurrently

Network Environment

  • Client/server or stand-alone environment
  • Simultaneous multi-platform client/server access
  • TCP/IP Connectivity


  • Controlled by an Administrator
  • Access Level controls by dataset - No Access, Read Only, Read/Write, Full Access
  • Filters and views can be enforced for added control
  • Users can be restricted to viewing only their data
  • Hierarchical organization access control

Time Entry

  • Select assigned tasks from pop-up
  • Enter time by percentage of effort or hours worked
  • Calculate daily hours from a weekly total
  • Update the ETC to communicate changes
  • Graphic task list instantly shows workload
  • New Activity button allows unscheduled task entry
  • Drill-down menus for unplanned work
  • WBS Parent / Child tables to control unplanned work
  • Graphic calendar & clock
  • Management time review and override editing
  • Record notes
  • Record expenses (client only)


  • Full project planning capability
  • Portfolio management
  • Graphical and numeric views of employee availability
  • Graphic employee task list display
  • Resource planning skill code integration
  • Filters to sort and match data
  • Filter for current user login only


  • Graphic and tabular reporting
  • Store customized report criteria for instant recall
  • Apply multiple filters and sorts to data
  • Apply view to reset saved screen layouts
  • Individually save headings, groupings, filters and layout
  • Select date ranges
  • Select summary criteria
  • Batch print reports

Data Integration

  • AMS REALTIME Projects or Microsoft Project activities & resources directly initialize AMS REALTIME Resources datasets
  • AMS REALTIME Resources Actuals are used in AMS REALTIME Projects Earned Value calculations
  • Progress can be calculated from employee's Estimate-to-Complete
  • Direct Interface between AMS REALTIME Projects or Microsoft Project
  • AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server database
  • Transaction files can be batch processed to schedules
  • ASCII text file import & export
  • ODBC Server allows access to AMS REALTIME Resources data by ODBC clients


  • Many standard datasets, including Program, Projects, Employee, Activity, Organization, Assignments and Actuals
  • Standard datasets can be modified
  • Add user-defined fields to any dataset
  • Define up to sixty-four (64) additional datasets
  • Specify data type and field size
  • Define virtual fields (a mix of other fields)
  • Reference fields allow data entry from pop-ups of other dataset fields
  • Lookup fields allow time-based data changes
  • Calculated fields use standard operators, special operators & functions
  • Customize data structures to match with your business practices
  • ODBC and Python API integration for data sharing

Overview | Product Features | Screen Captures | Brochure

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