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Understand Where People Spend Time
The database is generated from work planned in a project management application such as AMS REALTIME Projects or Microsoft Project. Employees enter time worked against activities directly into their timecard.

Know When They Expect to Finish
Estimates to complete can be entered, indicating the remaining work and projected task completion dates. Getting updated estimates from the lowest level provides a basis for accurate projections.

Time Validated by Management
Completed timecards can be submitted to management for review and approval. Timecard entries can be accepted, modified or rejected by management.

Access Data from Applications
Accepted data can be selectively exported to other applications such as Payroll or Billing. AMS REALTIME Enterprise data can be directly accessed by ODBC enabled products. Actual usage information can be fed back to AMS REALTIME Projects or other project management applications and drive Earned Value calculations.

Multi Platform Compatibility
AMS REALTIME Solo and Web Solo runs across PC, Linux and UNIX X Windows platforms. The software and data files are 100% compatible across these platforms making AMS REALTIME Solo an ideal solution for any organization with more than one platform.

Multi Lingual
AMS REALTIME products are available in several different languages, including Asian languages that use Double Byte Character Sets. Click here for information about our global partners and distributors.

Overview | Technical Features | Screen Captures | Brochure

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