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Advanced Management Solutions Consultancy Services are utilized during and after the implementation of the AMS REALTIME Solution and can be provided prior to purchasing your chosen integrated solution. Which of the many services we offer you choose will depend on your requirements, and where you are in the process of selecting a resource management, project management, cost management and/or time recording solution.

These are the main services that AMS Consulting can provide.

Project Management and Resource Management Change Consultancy

We can provide help and advice with regard to the introduction of project management and resource management approaches within your organization, by providing consultants, facilitators, trainers, project management specialists, and a lot of experience and common sense.

Business Requirements Analysis

Some organizations use a formal process to select software solutions. AMS can provide consultants to help you produce a comprehensive requirements analysis document using well proven techniques. We will facilitate workshops focused on gathering user requirements, developing agreed process maps and producing the necessary supporting data model. These three components can then be used to select the best solution for your organization.

AMS REALTIME Learning Movies

Many of our clients train their own staff in the use of AMS REALTIME Products. We can now offer a new service to provide tailored training movies to support your internal training/coaching.

These movies can be based on your real data and can be targeted to any topic on any AMS product you use. Once produced, you will be able to use them in perpetuity to support refresher training and the training of new staff. We can provide the movies in a variety of formats for easy implementation on your network, desktop, or even on your intranet.

The training movies can have "tests" included to allow staff to practice what they have learned and to verify for themselves that they have fully understood the topic covered. 

AMS REALTIME Projects Health Check

There are more than 45,000 users of AMS REALTIME Projects around the world. Many of them take full advantage of the powerful functionality provided in AMS REALTIME Projects, some however are only scratching the surface, and some require help with setting-up and using some of the more sophisticated features available.

The "health check" reviews your organization's project management needs and how AMS REALTIME Projects is being used to satisfy them.  The result is a list of recommendations to more efficiently and effectively satisfy these needs.

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For more information about our consulting services and what we can provide, please contact your account manager or use this contact form.

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