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Example Python scripts | AMS REALTIME Projects

  • EDI X12.839 Formats 1,2 & 5 (3 & 4 provided by wInsight)
  • Automated views
  • Monte Carlo Risk Analysis
  • Additional menus and toolbar buttons
  • User definable project data validation
  • Formalized project initiation
  • Perform behind the scene calculations based on other events
  • Closing tasks in AMS REALTIME Projects closes assignments in
    AMS REALTIME Enterprise
  • Add Resources defined in AMS REALTIME Enterprise to
    AMS REALTIME Projects plans

Example Python scripts | AMS REALTIME Enterprise Client

  • Import and export data to and from external systems e.g. Excel
  • Project Archiving. The ability to archive, delete and restore all data related to a single project.

Example Python scripts | AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server

  • Notify employees about missing timesheets via email
  • Backup data and preference files to another location
  • Notify employees by email that they have been assigned to project tasks
  • Email notification to managers if timesheet ETC has exceeded a set threshold or if a task has been completed.

To obtain further information about the available scripts, the extensive capabilities of AMS/Python integration; or if you have specific requirements please contact your account manager or click here for a contact form.

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