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Learning should not stop when delegates leave the training room. AMS make the commitment to continue to assist delegates for 3 months, helping them integrate and apply what they have learnt into their working practices. We have termed this approach to training - Full Cycle Learning©.

Our courses are based on sound adult learning theory and years of training experience. We currently offer the following courses…

  • AMS REALTIME Projects | Fundamentals | Course Outline
    Provides a basic overview includes creating a project, using standards, creating and modifying activities, network constraints, assigning resources, project analysis, publishing simple reports.
  • AMS REALTIME Projects | Advanced
    AMS REALTIME Projects: Project costs from resource usage, elements of cost and other advanced cost features, creating custom reports in Vision, using ODBC repositories and data exchange tools.
  • AMS REALTIME Solution | Quickstart
    Using the full AMS REALTIME Solution you will follow the project life cycle - plan a project, assign resources, commit projects to the repository, check skills and availability, report hours worked through the timesheets, update the project status, and generate reports.
  • AMS REALTIME Resources | Resource Management
    Using AMS REALTIME Resources and some thoughts about resource management.
  • AMS REALTIME Resources | Reporting and Analysis
    Learn how to create custom reports in AMS REALTIME Resources.
  • Project Management | Fundamentals | Course Outline
    Gain and retain practical project management skills, enabling you to manage and complete projects successfully. We strip away the mystique and jargon and provide a cohesive single set of tools and techniques which can be applied by any project manager to any project.
  • Microsoft Project | Fundamentals | Course Outline 98 | 2000
    Learn the key features and the tips and tricks to become a
    successful Microsoft Project user. Apply your MSP knowledge to support what you have learnt on the Project Management Fundamentals course.
  • Business Requirements Analysis | Fundamentals
    Gain and retain practical skills in techniques which can be used to carry out detailed business requirements analysis. These skills will enable the participants to a) understand, change and manage their business processes more effectively, and b) carry out their own requirements analysis in support of selecting and implementing computer systems within their own organisations. The course covers such topics as Information Flow Diagramming, Business Process Mapping, Requirements Gathering and Data Modeling.

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We are also able to provide ongoing corporate training for organizations in any of the courses, or via courses tailored to your requirements. If you are interested in this please send an enquiry email to

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