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Before you read any further, try this experiment…

Fold your arms, now unfold them
finally, fold them the other way round
(so the arm usually on top is underneath)

  • Did you try the experiment?
  • Did you not want to do it?
  • Did you feel awkward doing it?
  • Did you get it wrong first time?

This exercise highlights how implementing what you learn on a training course can involve resistance, discomfort and error.

The majority of individuals need something extra to help them integrate what they have learned on a training course into their working practices, and AMS training provides this.

When you approach a training provider, you are looking for someone to help you change. You want your staff to learn something new and improve the way they do their job. In the case of project management product training, you want your staff to manage projects, or carry out an aspect of project management more effectively, while using the tools to the best extent to meet business needs.

Our modularized training courses have been developed so that your organization can receive training, not only in AMS REALTIME Products or Microsoft Project, but more importantly, in the fundamentals of Project Management.

We also offer training in Business Requirements Analysis. If you need to understand and manage your business processes more effectively, or you need to select a software system of any type, this is the course for you. It teaches you how to produce a clear, agreed definition of your business requirements.

We take great pride in providing training courses that transfer skills to customers quickly and efficiently. Our training materials are regularly reviewed and improved based on feedback from clients.

AMS trainers are grounded in the art of training provision. They use techniques based on sound adult learning theory and practice to ensure the trainees feel comfortable demonstrating the new skills they are learning.

Courses can be standard “off-the-shelf” 1-3 day training events, run on-site or off-site for your organisation, or delivered publicly for many organizations. Alternatively, we can write and deliver courses based upon your specific business processes, or we can deliver consultative workshops for small groups.

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