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Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Management Solutions beta software test program. We appreciate your willingness to contribute to a robust, user-friendly product by testing our software in your unique environment and specific applications.

This program is fully subscribed and not open to more applications. If you are already subscribed, read through this document to understand the requirements of the program.

In return for pre-release access to the AMS REALTIME software, this is what we will expect from all beta testers:

  • We expect that you will commit a reasonable amount of time to installing and testing that beta software in your environment, and provide the results of your testing back to AMS.
  • You will need to load any beta software provided by AMS in a separate, non-production environment for testing purposes only. If you make a complete copy of your software installation on an isolated computer and then install the beta software in the same location, you should have a complete test system that uses your current configuration.
  • Any discussion or disclosure of new features or problems in the beta software is limited to your immediate testing group and AMS personnel. Discussions about beta software may not be posted on the AMS Forum until the software is formally released.
  • If any problems are encountered, you will need to follow these steps:
    a) Verify that you are following the correct procedures with AMS Technical Support (800 397 6829) or Support.
    b) If it is determined that a problem exists, try to isolate the problem by determining the minimal steps required to reproduce it.
    c) Document the steps as clearly and concisely as possible and provide these to AMS Technical Support with electronic data and any other relevant information.
  • When new AMS REALTIME software is received (either a new beta or release version) the previous beta version should be removed or updated.

    If you need clarifications or more information about the program, please contact Deborah Davidson.

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